Thursday, August 31, 2006

Been busy making cards for private swaps. The Zetti style ATCs below may be destined to become ACEO's as I'm contemplating selling some to those people who aren't able to swap their own. And it wouldn't hurt to have some supply money coming in so I can make even more art (that's my practical side talking). I still have to set up an ebay selling account, which I will be doing soon. After that's done, I'm going to start making some small altered canvas art and collage (4x6 up to 12x16 or so) which I'll also be posting here and at Flickr.


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Blogger Cookala said...

thank you!

8:42 PM  
Blogger Shell said... I love these. We have a lot in common! I also TRY to do collage work, and am an amateur photographer and poet. Keep up the great work. You inspire me!!!!

12:26 PM  

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